About Us        

Welcome to Kiwiberri Frozen Yoghurt, the first self-service frozen yoghurt shop to open in New Zealand! It’s an honour we hold dear to our hearts as a start-up company with a big dream.

We offer the best quality (and tasting) frozen yoghurt and serve with a wide array of premium toppings. Kiwiberri is pioneering the “do-it-yourself” concept by allowing our customers to portion out their own yoghurt and choose their own toppings in a fresh, bright and friendly environment. It’s a concept quickly spreading across the country, but our flavours remain unique and delicious above all the rest.

We offer 98% and 100% fat-free yoghurt with over 37 rotating toppings, and a whole section dedicated to fresh fruits and kiwi-favourites such as Crunchie and Moro bars. It’s a real treat to have.

At Kiwiberri Frozen Yoghurt, we believe our products stand from themselves; and we think they stand pretty tall.