About Us        

Welcome to Kiwiberri Frozen Yoghurt, the first self-service frozen yoghurt shop to open in New Zealand! It’s an honour we hold dear to our hearts as a start-up company with a big dream.

We offer the best quality (and tasting) frozen yoghurt and serve with a wide array of premium toppings. Kiwiberri is pioneering the “do-it-yourself” concept by allowing our customers to portion out their own yoghurt and choose their own toppings in a fresh, bright and friendly environment. It’s a concept quickly spreading across the country, but our flavours remain unique and delicious above all the rest.

We offer 98% and 100% fat-free yoghurt with over 37 rotating toppings, and a whole section dedicated to fresh fruits and kiwi-favourites such as Crunchie and Moro bars. It’s a real treat to have.

At Kiwiberri Frozen Yoghurt, we believe our products stand from themselves; and we think they stand pretty tall.

Our Story

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Kiwiberri Frozen Yoghurt was started in the Plaza in Palmerston North on November 2011. It was the first of its kind in New Zealand and has since grown a steady following of devoted fans and has continued delighting new ones. Started by Becca Leung and her partner Javier Medina, they wanted to create a business in New Zealand that brought together the successful global concept of self-service frozen yoghurt with unique tastes and flavours that would delight Kiwis’ palates.

Beginning this journey was not without trials. As pioneers in New Zealand of this concept, Becca and Javier faced many challenges ranging from the sourcing of ingredients down to the conceptual design that would make the most sense for a self-service business. It took a full year of research and development to create Kiwiberri Frozen Yoghurt. However, they are glad for those challenges, as they have defined the business to what it is and who they are as owners today. There were no shortcuts taken and the result was a business born into hard work, determination and an unrelenting passion for frozen yoghurt.

Their biggest hurdle, they thought, would be acceptance of frozen yoghurt and the self-service concept into the mainstream culture in New Zealand. Kiwis love their ice cream, could that love translate over to frozen yoghurt? The answer they discovered is a resounding “yes!” The customers that enjoy Kiwiberri come from all backgrounds and ages. With the variety of frozen yogurt flavours and topping choices, there is truly something for everyone. Nothing makes Becca and Javier prouder than to see a whole family go through their shop. Once they had a family comprised of four generations (from the grandma to their great-grandchildren) come through, all who chose their own sizes, combinations and creations. That was something extra special to them because that’s what Kiwiberri is all about.

When they first opened, Kiwiberri was the only self-service frozen yoghurt shop in New Zealand. Since then, the market has grown exponentially, with other businesses opening in Auckland and a few other spots in the North and South Island. The flavours and quality at Kiwiberri, however, remains unmatched by what’s in the market today. Kiwiberri has staples such as Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Cake, Original Yoghurt, Fresh Strawberry and Mango, but they also have delicious and unique flavours such as New York Cheesecake, Black Cherry, Taro, Watermelon and Lychee; all of which surprise and delight their customers.

Together, the Kiwiberri team is looking forward to the continual growth of their business and to the growth of frozen yogurt in New Zealand. It’s a special time in this rapidly growing industry and they’re proud and honoured to be the forerunners of the pack.